From High School through Young Adulthood

I have worked in Higher Education settings ranging from a large state school to a business school, Ivy League institution, and a private college for over a decade (in addition to my own experience at a music conservatoire). In teaching, assisting, counseling, and advocating for college students I have observed some common challenges they face. The #1 issue I have seen is failure to reach out when they are struggling, usually due to some combination of shame/stigma, challenges navigating systems, and cultural valuing of individualism. Help is available and I want to stop students from suffering in silence.


Anxious about college applications or preparing to go to a college you weren’t able to visit in person? I have successfully supported high school juniors and seniors through the lead up to college, including managing the stress of this difficult time and helping students find the perfect fit for them. I ran a 4 week pre-college workshop last year to help rising freshmen get emotionally prepared for the transition, and integrate those lessons into my individual work with high schoolers. 

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College students

The past year has been particularly challenging for many college students who had to quickly transition to online learning and, for some, return home. Whether you’re struggling with classes, being cooped up with your parents for the past year,  roommate challenges, dating, or anything else, you might find it helpful to talk.

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Recent graduates

Just graduated and struggling to find work post-COVID? You’re not alone! It’s easy to feel  I’ll help you navigate both the practical aspects of finding a job, apartment etc. and support you through the emotional stress of this transition. 

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Grad Students

As I know from personal experience, completing a dissertation is one of the biggest challenges a graduate student can face! Many students struggle with lack of structure and insufficient support. Join my dissertation support group this summer to:

– learn techniques to help with focus & tackle procrastination

– increase self-compassion while avoiding self-indulgence

– connect with other students who are struggling with similar challenges

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Contact me

If you are interested in services for yourself or your teen/young adult, please get in touch! You can book a 20-minute free phone consultation here, fill in the form, or email/call me. I will respond within 1 business day.


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