I’m Mia (she/her). I am an integrative psychotherapist and polyvagal theory trainer and consultant, based in Westchester, NY. 

I believe that we’re all doing the best we can, but that the modern world is challenging and it’s often difficult to thrive without adequate external supports. I’m here to help you get to know yourself better, identify and advocate for your needs, and feel less alone on this journey. 

I am a compassionate, open-minded, and non-judgmental therapist with a warm presence and sense of humor. Listening deeply to my clients is my #1 priority—I have great respect for anyone who tries therapy and believe we are all the experts of our own nervous systems. Together, we’ll figure out what support you need to start moving towards the life you want and deserve.

Polyvagal Theory

Polyvagal Theory is one way to understand and work with our autonomic nervous system that I have found hugely beneficial, both personally and professionally. I am a co-trainer for Deb Dana’s Foundations of Polyvagal Informed Practice, currently offered through PESI. In addition to using a polyaval theory-informed approach in my psychotherapy sessions, I offer individual and small group consultations for practitioners who want to further their learning following a training or workshop.

College / Graduate Students and Emerging Adults

I draw upon my decade of experience working in Higher Education to support college and grad students, and recent graduates navigate this complex period of life. As someone who completed 3 graduate degrees and one meaty dissertation, I have an in-depth understanding of the stressors involved in graduate school. I enjoy working with students who are in the performing arts and helping professions, as well as a variety of other fields.

HSPs and Adults with ADHD

I love working with clients who have unique wiring, whether as a highly sensitive person (HSP) or neurodivergence by way of ADHD. I have a deep understanding and appreciation of these traits and enjoy supporting my clients as they grow to embrace and work with (rather than against!) their nervous systems. For my clients with ADHD, I infuse psychotherapy with elements of coaching to help with both longer-term change and more immediate day-to-day challenges.

Safe & Sound Protocol

I am a Safe & Sound Protocol provider—SSP is a brief auditory intervention that is designed to initiate and access a physiological state conducive to well-being, positive engagement with others, and growth in learning and therapy. SSP is appropriate for a a variety of issues, including anxiety, ADHD, sensory sensitivities, and trauma symptoms such as misophonia. I find it can be a useful complement to talk therapy and use it with my clients when appropriate.

I am based at a practice in Westchester, NY—Scarsdale Psychology Associates—where I see therapy clients in-person and offer polyvagal consultations over zoom.

What is integrative psychotherapy?

I believe in the power of psychotherapy to heal and change our lives. I also strongly feel that other healing modalities can be wonderful supports, whether contemplative practices such as meditation, yoga and other movement practices, functional medicine, herbalism, nutrition, acupuncture, TCM, homeopathy, massage therapy, and somatic therapies. I integrate complementary approaches into my psychotherapy work and recommend adjunct services to my clients, where appropriate. My aim is to help you build a supportive team so you can heal more fully and expand your future. I am a Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional (CIMHP), which means that I am trained to understand our bodies as a whole, connecting both mental and physical symptoms and solutions. I am happy to speak with your other integrative providers to communicate my findings and recommendations, and come up with a collaborative plan.

Fees & Insurance

While I am not an in-network provider for any insurance plans, I provide monthly superbills, so you can take advantage of out-of-network benefits. My fee is $250 for a 45-minute psychotherapy session (some sliding scale spots are available for young adults and students). Please contact me for individual and group polyvagal consultation rates.

What are out-of-network benefits?

Insurance companies often cover a percentage of the cost of services with therapists/doctors etc. that aren’t directly affiliated with them. I recommend you call your insurance company and ask:

1) if you have out-of-network benefits and their “allowed amount” for 45 minute individual psychotherapy with an out-of-network provider based in zip code 10583

2) what % of the rate they will cover and what % you’ll have to pay

3) what your “deductible” is (i.e. the amount you have to spend each year before your benefits kick in)

What is a superbill?

My full fee is due every week following our session, then at the end of the month I’ll give you a “superbill” detailing how much you’ve paid. You submit this to your insurance company (you can use the insurance company’s portal or the “Reimbursify” app) and they will send you a check for whatever percentage they said they’d cover. 

Contact me

If you are interested in services, please get in touch! You can book a 20-minute free phone consultation here, fill in the form, or email/call me. I will respond within 2 business days.


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