Safe and Sound Protocol

Many people are struggling to adjust to increased social contact, whether at school, work, navigating public transport, or in other venues. The SSP can help your nervous system adjust, so re-entry feels more manageable. If you are interested for yourself or your child, contact me for more details.

The Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) is a 5 (or 10 through teletherapy) day auditory intervention designed to initiate and access a physiological state conducive to well-being, positive engagement with others, and growth in learning and therapy. It was developed Dr. Stephen Porges, the scientist who developed polyvagal theory, and has been used to help many people who have found that talk therapy alone has not been sufficient. My background as a professional musician and musicologist (PhD, Cornell University) complements my training as a Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) provider. I have found this gives me a unique understanding of how sound can help our nervous systems.


Who can the SSP help? Both children and adults. A wide range of symptoms, including anxiety, ADHD, sensory sensitivities, and trauma symptoms such as misophonia. 

How does it work? The SSP app is available for download on your phone and you’ll need to obtain suitable headphones (I can recommend some ones under $50). Following an initial intake session with me, you’ll listen to the SSP for 30 minutes/day for 10 days. I will be available during that time to offer support and help process any changes you notice.

Contact me

If you are interested in services for yourself or your teen/young adult, please get in touch! You can book a 20-minute free phone consultation here, fill in the form, or email/call me. I will respond within 1 business day.


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