Do any of the following resonate with you?

  • you feel stressed, lost, or overwhelmed
  • you’re looking to slow down but that feels scary
  • your energy levels are at an all-time low 
  • you feel your brain works differently than family members’/friends’/classmates’
  • you’re curious about other healing modalities and want a therapist who will be supportive of your explorations and work collaboratively with your other providers
  • you’re interested in mindfulness but are struggling to make it a regular practice
  • you want to be able to share about the practices that nourish you—whether attending a sound bath, getting a tarot reading, or doing an Enneagram quiz—without getting a weird look

if so, then I might be the right fit for you!


Have you ever wished you could talk to someone who "gets" it?

I believe that therapy has the power to help us feel less alone and change the way we view ourselves. We live in a time where “self-compassion” is talked about more than ever and yet many of us find it a difficult (for some, terrifying!) practice to embrace. It can be hard to let go of old patterns, especially when some of them seem to have served us well and they are often validated by the world around us. Therapy can provide a safe space to get to know your nervous system, understand the whys, and change what’s not working for you. My aim is to help you see yourself in a more expansive way and address blocks that are preventing you from from accessing hope and happiness. 

My varied background means I have a creative and eclectic approach, and enjoy helping others whose paths have had some twists and turns. Integrative medicine provides a foundation for how I assess and treat each client—I look at the whole body as a system, not separating physical and mental health but rather understanding how everything is connected. My work is always strengths-based and informed by polyvagal theory, which I have found life-changing in helping illuminate how my clients’ (& my own!) nervous systems work and learn to advocate for our needs. I also draw upon my training in relational therapy (AEDP), somatic work, and trauma-sensitive mindfulness. I work from an anti-racist, feminist, neurodiverse- and LGBTQ-affirming lens—whatever your identity, you are welcome here. Every person is unique and so we will work collaboratively to come up with a personalized treatment plan that feels both doable and provides some “glimmers” for a brighter future.

College/Grad Students

The past 3 years have been particularly challenging for college and graduate students, between zoom classes, temporarily moving back home, and the many other stressors of the pandemic. If you feel like you’re “behind” at all or struggling to figure out navigating this chapter while trying to plan for the next, know you’re not alone. My aim is to provide a safe space for you to get to know yourself better, identify what you want, and the support you need to get there.

The decade I spent working in settings ranging from a large state school to a business school, Ivy League institution, and a private college (in addition to my own experience at a music conservatoire) means that I have an in-depth understanding of how to navigate systemic challenges in Higher Ed. I support my student clients in identifying which on- and off-campus supports will be helpful and advocating for their needs—whether getting ADHD accommodations from the disability services office or tackling a tough conversation with their advisor/PI. I am particularly passionate about supporting graduate students, having completed two masters and a PhD myself. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by juggling multiple commitments, struggling to finish your dissertation, or starting to question whether you want to stay in academia, I’m here to help.

Millennials and Gen Z sometimes get a bad rap, but I feel very lucky to work with my 20-something year old clients! I find young adults today are braver than ever—carving out unique careers, asking for more in their relationships, and stepping out of constraining boxes (unless the box actually feels like a good fit!) But that doesn’t mean the path is easy. I enjoy being part of the support team for my clients as they identify their values and priorities, and start making—or remaking—a plan to grow the life they want. I may not have Snapchat, but my clients have been known to text me a link to a tiktok video they feel perfectly encapsulates what they’ve been struggling with and want to discuss in session! I have particular experience with second-generation immigrants who often face unique challenges during these years. If you could use some support navigating this transitional time, I’m here to meet you wherever you’re at and listen deeply, openly, and without judgement. 

Emerging Adults

Adults with ADHD

I work with a number of individuals who were not diagnosed with ADHD until adulthood—some of whom are new to therapy, while many have been treated for anxiety and/or depression but found themselves hitting road blocks in treatment. Using polyvagal theory to demystify and destigmatize ADHD, I take a blended psychotherapy-coaching approach, helping my clients work through the emotional impact of being neurodiverse in an often-invalidating world, while also exploring skills for day-to-day symptom management.

I am resolutely neurodiverse-affirming in my approach. Many of my clients are incredible non-linear thinkers who help those around them see the world in more expansive ways, and I find it an honor to support them as they learn how to harness their superpowers. For managing symptoms that cause distress, nootropics and adaptogens have been shown to be very effective, in addition to other nutritional and herbal supports. If you are interested in non-pharmacological approach, I can advise and also collaborate with other integrative providers to help you enjoy greater ease in your daily life.

The term “sensitive” is often used pejoratively, suggesting that children or adults should “dial down” the intensity of their reactions to the world and be more like others. My goal with working with Highly Sensitive People is to reclaim that word and celebrate the wonderful qualities that HSPs exude (in fact lifesaving, in the case of the canaries in the coal mine!) As an HSP myself, I have found it deeply healing to understand how my mind-body works and learn to work with my nervous system, rather than against it. Many of my clients have not heard of the term “HSP” prior to beginning therapy, but find it a relief to discover both a community they can now identify with and also an explanation for why they feel and react to their internal and external environments in a different way than others around them. If you feel misunderstood by those around you, find yourself sometimes overwhelmed by your environment, or want to understand why you feel emotions so deeply, I’m here to validate your experiences, and help you understand and learn to embrace your nervous system.

Read more about “Highly Sensitive People” on Dr. Elaine Aaron’s website:

Highly Sensitive People

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